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A Letter from Pastor Anita: Faithful Love
by JR Wolff on August 19th, 2020
God’s unchanging nature, God’s faithful love for His creation offers us a safe and secure refuge even in a rapidly changing world. This simple truth is the key to finding peace in the midst of uncertainty. Take a moment today to notice God’s hesed in your life.   Read More
A Letter from Pastor Anita: Riding the Waves
by JR Wolff on August 12th, 2020
Ever feel like David as he writes this prayer?  If only I could fly away…When I was a child, I used to love riding the waves.  The goal: to swim out far enough to catch a wave before it broke, and ride on the crest of that wave all the way to the shallows.  When it worked the ride was exhilarating- so worth the effort!  More often the ride was short-lived as the power of the wave diminished.  And ...  Read More
A Letter from Pastor Anita: Seeking the Peace
by JR Wolff on August 5th, 2020
How are we doing these days?Sunday, August 2nd hundreds of protesters descended on Doylestown.  At times, the sound was deafening as two protests clashed- each intent on being heard.  Signs were brandished, hands raised, emotions on edge.  Thankfully, most of the protesters stayed to their side of the street, using megaphones to project their voices across the short expanse.  When protesters cross...  Read More
A Letter from Pastor Anita: Under Construction
by JR Wolff on July 22nd, 2020
I am writing this letter from home today.  My office at church sits across the hall from the restroom construction project that fills the airwaves with more sound than my mind can compete with. I am encouraged by the progress of our builders and excited about the prospect of new, clean, spacious restrooms.  Who could have imagined how much we would want new, clean restrooms in this COVID reality? ...  Read More
A Letter from Pastor Anita: Finding Rest
by JR Wolff on July 14th, 2020
Sabbath keeping has gone the way of the past.  Some of you can remember when there were “blue laws” that limited commerce on Sunday.  Some of you can remember when Sunday was the day people went to church and then gathered in homes to enjoy each other’s company.  Some of you can remember when shopping, youth sports, and work were left for the other six days of the week.  But those are memories of ...  Read More
A Letter From Pastor Anita: Change
by JR Wolff on June 28th, 2020
John is encouraging us to be a part of the new-God’s kingdom becoming real here in our midst. What an invitation, but still we yearn for what we know, because that new kingdom will demand that we change. Our aversion to change can be a significant stumbling block to our embracing of the new that God is bringing in and around us.   Read More