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Welcome to the Family!

The Lord added to their number those who were being saved.  Acts 2:47
One of the surprising blessings of the pandemic is the way God has added to our number these past two years.  Who could have imagined that a global pandemic, with all the isolation and uproar, would be fertile ground for church growth.  Between those who now join us for live-stream worship from their homes across the country, to those who have found a good partnership with the mission heart that God inspires in Lenape Valley, we have welcomed many into our fellowship of late.  Joyfully, we have also experienced a ‘baby boom’ these past two years.  So many new faces… new voices… new energy… new vision… so much joy in the house of the Lord!

Sunday was a wonderful illustration of the growth that God has brought to our fellowship.  First, we welcomed our newest little one in baptism… James Westmoreland Cornwell, son of Matt and Elizabeth, grandson of Carol and Tim Cornwell.  What a big name for a little guy!  I love when our faith community sings to our little ones: “I was there to hear your borning cry…”  followed by the promise: “I’ll be there when you grow old.”  I know that you will be true to your promise to pray for James and all our little ones that they will come to know Jesus, and love Him, and serve Him.

After the message, we welcomed 11 new members into our fellowship.  Some have been worshipping with us for years and others are part of the pandemic blessing.  What a joy to witness those who are ready to deepen their ties with the family of believers.  Let me introduce our newest partners in ministry:

Carrie Bender is a physician in Ambler, working twice as hard on the front lines during the pandemic.  She is a mother of 4 children… Ashton- a college sophomore, Corbin and Katrin beginning 4th grade this week, and Vivian going into 2nd grade.  Carrie loves dancing and crafting.  She comes to us by Reaffirmation of Faith.

Bill Curtis and his wife Linda have worshipped with LVC for years.  Linda joined a few years back, and now serves as a Deacon, caring for our people.  Bill is active in his townhome community, serving on their board.  This fall, Lenape Valley will offer a special event for our local community and Bill has promised to invite every member of his neighborhood to share in the fun.

Holly Dodson a life-long resident of Chalfont.  She serves as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police in Doylestown township, and volunteers with the Chalfont Fire Company.  Holly enjoys crafting, gardening and cooking, and takes great joy in her Chihuahua Bella.  She is looking forward to meeting new friends at Lenape Valley.

Ed Gegnas began worshipping with our faith community several years ago with his beautiful wife Addie.  They shared in our virtual worship during the pandemic while Addie knitted squares for our prayer blanket ministry.  Together, they enjoyed time in Ocean City, on the beach and playing shuffleboard.  This summer, Addie lost her battle with cancer.  Her celebration of life was shared at Lenape Valley.  Ed comes to us by Letter of Transfer from Doylestown Presbyterian Church.

Ann and Roger Holler   Ann and Roger are happily retired.  They just recently relocated from their home in Doylestown to the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville.  They enjoy gardening and reading and sharing time with their grandchildren and their new community of friends at Peter Becker.  Ann shares in our Prayer Blanket ministry with her busy knitting needles.  They come to us by Letter of Transfer from Doylestown Presbyterian Church.

Marilyn Mitchell Marilyn spent her career with Abington Hospital as a Health Educator and Program Coordinator creating public health programs for the community.  Her retirement is equally as active and committed to service, volunteering with the Chalfont Fire Company, creating meals for Caring for Friends and developing fellowship opportunities for our faith community.  Marilyn is a mother of two and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren.

Bud and June Seith  For Bud and June, this is a homecoming.  They were active members for years before God called them to help start a ministry near their home in Dublin.  Bud and June are educators by training.  Both used those gifts and experience to serve at Bethanna Christian Services, a Christian organization that creates home and hope for children in need.  Bud rose up through that ministry to become the Executive Director of Bethanna, leading that ministry for many years.  During the pandemic, Bud and June began to worship with LVC again, and found a strong connection to the mission of LVC.  We are glad to have them back!

Deb Shepherd grew up in Glenside and now lives in the Doylestown area.  She is an avid horsewoman, enjoying not only a Sunday ride, but also an active competition schedule.  She loves animals… all animals… and works in the Animal Biotech field.  Deb came to Lenape Valley by invitation from Diane Daly.

Marlin Taylor grew up in Bucks County and then served in the Army.  He spent much of his career in the radio broadcasting.  Marlin’s late wife Alicia was a professional singer, so they travelled together for many years as she performed in churches throughout the northeastern.  Marlin returned to Doylestown last year, putting down roots at Pine Run.  Last year, Marlin was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

The Lord added to their number daily… What joy!  
 With you thanking God for every blessing!  
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