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The Investment Report…

Every quarter, we read the report of how our personal money is doing. We watch the numbers rise and fall with the economy. We dream of how those numbers might one day translate into real life blessings for us. But here at Lenape Valley, we can see the blessings every day that come from the generous investment of our people.
When you invest in Lenape Valley… People are fed! For years LVC has been synonymous with eating… coffee hour treats… Eat-Sing-Pray worship… pancake breakfasts… pasta and turkey dinners… men’s breakfasts… Mother’s Day dinners… We love to eat together! But when a pandemic stymied our eating events, we turned to feeding a hungry world: hundreds of Caring for Friends meals cooked for homebound folks in our community… fresh produce delivered every week to Manna on Main in Lansdale… tons (yes TONS) of groceries delivered to the New Britain Food Larder and Barclay Elementary’s Farmer’s Market… $1000s in gift cards to help feed hungry families. The need continues, so we continue to invest.
When you invest in Lenape Valley… Safe places are created.Safe!” is what a runner hopes to hear from the umpire when he reaches the bag in baseball. “Safe!” is what children call out when they reach ‘home base’ in the game of Tag. “Safe” is what we all need to feel at the end of a long, hard day out in the world. During this pandemic, people have yearned for safe places. Your investment in Lenape Valley has enabled us to create safe spaces where life and faith can thrive. Our livestream worship has allowed people to share in the faith community from the safety of their homes. For those who chose to worship in person, your investment allowed us to upgrade our systems to create healthy gathering spaces. When our families were ready to leave the confines of their homes, we created safe family gatherings like an Easter Egg Hunt, a Trunk or Treat, and a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. From our children and youth ministry to adult spiritual nurture, we have offered a hybrid of in person and virtual offerings to allow people to find their safe place. And throughout the pandemic our doors have been open to a preschool that offers a safe haven for little ones in our community.
When you invest in Lenape Valley… Love abounds! When the floods and tornados displaced people in our community, your gifts provided a roof over their heads. When families in our community lost their jobs and were struggling to put food on the table, your gifts eased that burden with grocery gift cards. And when Christmas came, your gifts enabled parents to create a special experience for their children. When some of our people became isolated in their own homes, your hands and your gifts brought flowers and care packages and love into those lonely places. When a young mom was diagnosed with advanced cancer, your gifts helped to cover expenses so that they could keep fighting for her life.
When you invest in Lenape Valley… Faith grows! When the world shut down, people were fearful and unsure. Many churches sat quietly, wondering what to do. But the creative leaders and staff of Lenape Valley found new ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The hope we find in Jesus is the only antidote to the fear and anger that has plagued our nation during this pandemic. From a Zoom Women’s Retreat… to Virtual Sunday School… Zoom Bible Studies… and a robust Vacation Bible School experience created for families to enjoy at home, people have tuned in from across the country to share in the adventure with our faith community. The hiring of our new Director of Youth and College MinistryAlex Erwine- will continue to stretch our ministry out into the community. We are determined to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a hurting world.
Join us as we partner with what God is doing in the world… transforming the world one life at a time. On November 21st you will have the opportunity to declare your partnership in this mission. May we be the mission of Jesus Christ to the world God so loves!

With you investing in what matters!
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