Youth In Mission

Youth Mission Trip 2017


This year our youth traveled to Wayne County, NY the week of June 24-30, 2017 to help people in need partnering with Group, a Christian organization who planned out the work sites and lodging for our youth. This time every year Group has a Week of Hope where everyone takes part in doing community work. The youth and leaders worked at multiple works sites chosen everyday based on the skills of each individual. At the end of each day, thery had special time built in for study and gathering. Just to give you a sense of the work we accomplished, see below:

  • Perform grounds maintenance at a multi-acre organization that provides an oasis for young people battling cancer.
  • Sort donations, clean and paint, and spend time with children at a safe house for victims of domestic violence.
  • Assist with home repair and painting for residents from several local churches.
  • Work on projects at the Trail of Hope and then share the trail with nursing home residents.
  • Provide VBS program for neighborhood kids.
  • Do minor fix-up repairs to homes belonging to elderly or disabled individuals, and spend time visiting and befriending the residents

It is a community in need and we won't be accomplishing these tasks alone. Group partners with multiple organizations and ministries in that area so they can make the largest impact in a short time period. 

Building and strengthening relationships is very important in our youth ministry. The bond they create between each other and their leaders can last a life time.

If you have any questions about next year's trip to Haiti, please contact the church office,


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