Youth Events

Youth Events!


This fall, LVC is hosting several great Youth events, so make sure to keep them on your calendar! But first, we need you to fill out the Standard Youth Health, Compliance, and Permission Form and you can do that by clicking Here.

Now that you have completed this form, we can get on to the fun stuff!


Youth Fellowship

Weekly gathering where youth can connect, play, and grow together. 

When: Every Sunday Night, 6-8PM

Where: Lenape Valley Church

Cost: Free


LVC Youth Lock-In

October 13-14 | Fri.-Sat. 6pm-10am

Youth Group Fright Night & Lock-in @LVC & local attraction

7th grade and up | $30-50/tbd

Join us for a chillingly good time where only the brave of heart will be brave enough to venture to a nearby “haunted” attraction. Then come back to the church for a          conversation about fear and a lock-in. We will enjoy breakfast together.  You are welcome to come to one adventure or the other or both. Parental guidance appreciated. You know your kids best and when is appropriate for them. (I would rate the attraction as PG-13 level stuff). We will grab dinner on the way to the attraction.

 For additional information, to RSVP, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Josh Kelly at

 Visit again for an update on events coming soon!

Please remember, for any event or trip, scholarships are always available. Email the office if you have questions at




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